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We work with selected strategic partners to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions.



SEAK is Germany's leading provider of personnel planning and time management in the retail sector. 

The IT specialist offers a holistic complete package of software, trading advice, software training and implementation as well as reliable technical support. Many years of experience make SEAK a recognized expert when it comes to increasing sales potential in sales and increasing productivity on the site.

Well-known chain stores throughout Europe rely on the solutions from SEAK. 

Link to the website: https://www.seak.de/

SUPREME-CONTACTS – Optimize your sales force


SUPREME-CONTACTS is a central matchmaking platform for the sports, footwear and fashion industry, bringing brands and distribution partners together quickly and efficiently.

The founder of the comprehensive B2B portal is Michael Plank, Managing Director of Supreme Contacts GmbH, who has already successfully established the basis for the last 10 years with the three industry-related portals SPORTS-CONTACTS / SHOES-CONTACTS / TEXTILES-CONTACTS with more than 40,000 international contacts, in addition to the placement of suitable distribution partners for the whole of Europe, the new matchmaking portal also offers JOB options for sales employees in DACH.

International industry experts as well as many leading trade fairs and media partners are convinced of the new concept and support the innovative project. 

Link to the website: www.supreme-contacts.com


hachmeister+partner Strategic Partners

We work with selected strategic partners to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions.

BTE KompetenzPartner

The German fashion retail is at a very high level. However, it is also under strong pressure. In order for retailers to successfully hold their own in this complex competition, the Bundesverband des Deutschen Textileinzelhandels e.V. (Federal Association of German Textile Retailers) recommends (BTE) recommends five BTE KompetenzPartners, who can provide professional support in management consulting, training, personnel planning, time management, marketing and e-commerce.

More and more new suppliers are entering the market, sales areas are being expanded or redesigned, and the number of branches and online outlets is increasing. The close competence network of the BTE KompetenzPartner is your advantage to strengthen your company holistically and to position it individually in the competition on all levels. If desired, the partners can work individually or all together for you!



BTE KompetenzPartner

Fashion Retail Report

The BTE-KompetenzPartner, to which our company belongs, have initiated a current market study on the fashion trade. The background to this is the serious changes that have been affecting the fashion industry for several years now: Increasing competitive intensity and rapid changes in the technological framework and in customer behaviour are having a considerable impact on the supply structure and competitive environment of the stationary textile and shoe trade. The extent and dynamics of these changes are currently unsettling many retail companies, especially since more and more retail locations are currently losing their attractiveness due to growing vacancies.

The market study "Fashion Retail: Successfully Shaping the Future", published by the BTE, examines the intensity and speed of the changes outlined above and shows fashion retail companies suitable options for action. The authors are the two professors Siegfried Jacobs (BTE/University of Marburg) and Oliver Janz (Heilbronn Cooperative State University). The market study, which is geared towards business practice, has been available for a few days now and shows interested fashion retailers - from small specialist shops to larger top dogs - how they can master the current challenges with future-oriented concepts, strategies and measures.

The statements on changes in customer behavior, especially with regard to (digital) information and communication and the buying process, are based on the latest market research results. According to the authors, the options for action recommended in the study for owner-managed fashion houses should by no means be generally valid recipes for success, as the company-specific conditions, target customers and local circumstances in the industry are very different. Rather, the tools, concepts and numerous application examples described represent a kind of "construction kit" from which fashion retailers can choose after carefully examining and weighing up the opportunities and risks as well as the respective resource situation.

In this context, the results of both an expert survey and a broad-based retail survey, which have been incorporated into the respective chapters, offer assistance and orientation. Thus, the study also lists numerous concrete expert opinions and experiences of fashion houses such as Böckmann, Garhammer, Jost, Keller-Warth, Klingenthal, Konen, Lodenfrey, Hagemeyer, Henschel, Schödlbauer and Zinser.

The strategies and measures treated in a differentiated manner cover areas such as customer focus (incl. CRM), digitalisation of business processes, employee recruiting and control, generation of worlds of experience, vertical forms of cooperation with suppliers and campaigns to strengthen one's own location. The recommendations for action differ according to those for small and medium-sized specialist shops and top dogs on the one hand and large top dogs and regional branch operations on the other. Source of supply for the market study: ITE-Verlag (Cologne). Table of contents and orders on the BTE website at https://www.bte.de/publikationen/. The approximately 200-page report costs 129 euros including VAT.

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